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Ha-yeon - ETFA 2017
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Date : 2017-06-19
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Review 1

Overall evaluation: 0
The paper presents a design of ship engine deflection detection system using a proximity sensor for smart device. From the title and the abstract, i was expecting a nice an comprehensive design , or at least a design discussion about such an interesting and actual engineering application. Unfortunately all the paper focuses on the use of the MQTT protocol, which is a well know telemetry protocol, and leaves unaddressed all other important issues in the project.
For this reason, the paper contains no interesting information for the readers.

Review 2

Overall evaluation: -2
This paper presents some details on the application of IoT concepts in an industrial deployment.
In my opinion, it is a borderline paper for a work-in-progress session as it does not present initial results of an ongoing work but rather it presents a finalized engineering work of limited scientific contribution.
In terms of writing style, there is significant improvement possible. Some examples:

- 3 levels of QoS *are*
- B. Deflection value *calculation*
- Formula (4) *is calculated* -> calculates?`