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Real -time Localization of Primary User Position towards Toward Optimal Throughput in Cognitive Radio Networks
By : Gaspard
Date : 2019-08-13
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This paper proposes an approach to effectively utilize the frequency spectrum in a cognitive ratio network (CRN) having a dynamic, varying environment. Secondary users wish to opportunistically exploit the frequency band of the incumbent primary system. However, because the network is dynamic and the primary users are considered as moving targets, the spectrum holes become unstable. Thus, the secondary users face serious challenges in detecting white spaces (holes). To this end, we propose two novel approaches: Kriging interpolation and a Kalman filter (KF) for tracking and estimating the primary users position. The accurate estimates of the positions provide the status of the primary user to allow the secondary user to decide to either access the band or to wait until the spectrum becomes available. The performance is evaluated under a MATLAB simulation environment. By comparing the performance of the received signal strength indicator (RSSI), it was shown that a KF has the best performance due to its ability of quickly and accurately estimating the predicated value. The performance was evaluated in terms of the localization error and the system throughput
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