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Dual Fieldbus Industrial IoT Networks using Edge Server Architecture
By : Kevin Putra Dirganto
Date : 2019-10-07
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This letter proposes dual fieldbus communication for the Industrial Internet of Things using an edge server and based on master/slave communication. The dual fieldbus communicates with programmable logic controllers as slaves and the edge server as a master. Dual fieldbus communication implements a redundant fieldbus to prevent bus faults and increase the system's availability. The primary communication link uses Modbus while the redundant fieldbus is a Controller Area Network (CAN). When an error occurs, the protocol changes automatically to use the CAN bus because of its faster error recovery. The edge server, implements a recurrent neural network using long short-term memory (LSTM) for future value prediction to prevent undesirable conditions. The proposed dual fieldbus scheme outperforms the conventional Fieldbus-Modbus Protocol for both detected data error and data success rates. Meanwhile, the edge server performs 95 percent faster using the LSTM network instead of processing in the cloud. The lowest root mean square error results are 0.06 and 0.11 for training data and test data, respectively.
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