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D. H. Choi and D-S. Kim, "Maximum Allowable Delay Bounds and Real-time Scheduling Method of Networked Discrete-time Control Systems", Journal of Control, Automation and Systems Engineering, Vol.12, No.7, pp.719-727, July 2006.
By : 관리자
Date : 2013-02-04
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This paper propose a new method to obtain a maximum allowable delay bound for a scheduling of networked discrete control systems and event-based scheduling method. The proposed method is formulated in terms of linear matrix inequalities and can give a much less conservative delay bound than the existing methods. A network scheduling method is presented based on the delay obtained through the proposed method, and it can adjust the sampling period to allocate same utilization to each control loop. The presented method can handle three types of data (Sporadic Emergency data, periodic data and non real-time message) and guarantees real-time transmission of periodic and sporadic emergency data using modified EDF scheduling method.

Available online: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/264020662_Maximum_Allowable_Delay_Bounds_and_Real-time_Scheduling_Method_of_Networked_Discrete-time_Control_Systems