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권기협, 김동성 "Analysis of Application Message Protocol for Control Network in Green Power Systems", 제어로봇시스템학회논문지, Vol. 15, No.12, pp.89~96, 2009.
By : 관리자
Date : 2013-02-04
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Abstract :
This paper discusses a common message protocol for green power systems such as tidal, wind, photovoltaic, and solar systems. For this investigations and analysis, existing protocols such as ELCOM-90, TASE.1, ICCP/TASE.2 and SCADA were analyzed for the application of green power systems in view of real-time property and reliability. For the analysis, the practical example of green power system using SACADA and ICCP are investigated and discussed. As a future direction of this investigations, the feasibility analysis of manufacturing message specification(ISO-9560) for green power system is discussed.

Keywords : Green Power Systems, Common Message Protocol, ICCP/TASE.2, Manufacturing Message Specification(ISO 9506)


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