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Yong-Hyeun Kwon, Joong-Hyuk Cha and Dong-Seong Kim, "비대칭 다중접속기법 기반의 전술 무선 통신망 성능개선 Improving Performance of the Asymmetric Time Division Multiple Access Method for Tactical Radio Communication," (Pr), 2015
By : 차중혁
Date : 2015-08-25
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 This paper proposes the effective asymmetric multiple access method to improve performance of tactical radio communication for land wheeled weapon systems on the domestic tactical communication  operational environment. The proposed approach adapts modified TDMA scheme in place of CSMA/CA as media access protocol on the basis of the analysis of the operational environment of tactical radio communication. For proving effectiveness of the proposed approach, the simulation model is used to overcome constrains of real experiments. The simulation results show that the response time and the throughput of tactical radio communication are improved in terms of by adapting proposed TDMA as media access protocol than CSMA/CA.

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