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Jin Yong Im, Dong Seong Kim, Kyung Sub Song, and Yoon Suk Choi, "함정 전투 시스템 개발 툴을 위한 분산 실시간 메시지 관리 기법 설계 및 구현, Design and Realization of Distributed Real-time Message Management Scheme for Naval Combat System Development Tool", Journal of Institute for Control, Robotics and Systems (ISSN: 1976-5622 eISSN: 2233-4335), vol. 22, no. 7, pp. 570-577, July 2016.
By : 관리자
Date : 2015-08-25
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This paper proposes the design of a novel distributed message management scheme using a message-oriented management and analysis tool (MOMAT) for naval combat system (NCS) middle-ware. If a message is not guaranteed real-time of the NCS with each node, it causes the loss of data and decreases the reliability of systems. To solve these problems, improved message management schemes are proposed. Message management schemes are considering a real-time user management scheme and a real-time traffic management scheme. The proposed schemes are simulated with a developed simulation tool, data publisher, and subscriber connected through nodes in middle-ware. The simulation results show improved results in terms of message round-trip time (RTT), End-to-End delay, and throughput.

Available online: http://koreascience.or.kr/article/JAKO201627959893352.page