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윤진식, 김윤섭, 김동성, "원전용 실시간 이더넷을 위한 분산제어망의 마스터 이중화 기법", 정보 및 제어 학술대회 (CICS'10), pp. 199-200, 2010
By : 관리자
Date : 2010-10-25
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Abstract: This paper proposes a reliability enhancement of industrial real-time Ethernet using master redundancy method for NPPs(Nuclear Power Plants). In this paper, Ethernet Powerlink is investigated for distributed control systems for NPPs considering real-time and reliability performance. The proposed method can reduce a master switch-over time when Ethernet Powerlink master(Managing Node) failure was occurred. Using the OPNET simulation result, the performance of master switch-over time is analyzed and verified for NPPs.
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