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Favian Dewanta; Dong-Seong Kim; "지능형 선박 시스템용 분산제어시스템을 위한 CAN버스의 메세지 스케줄링 방법", 제 13 회 전자 정보통신 학술대회 CEIC 2011, December 2011, pp. 107 - 110
By : 관리자
Date : 2012-05-29
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Abstract: This paper suggests a new message scheduling algorithm in distributed control units of intelligent ship engine system using CAN bus. The suggested algorithm determines and changes the priority of messages dynamically based on some parameters, e.g. buffer occupancy, message life time, message type (alarm and sensor/control message), and broadcast/unicast. The priority of message is calculated in real-time and put into the identififilt shows that the suggested algorithm guarantees the delay bound on both control/sensing messages and alarm message. In addition, it effectively reduces the probability of buffer overflow.
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