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Maksumov Bakir, Dong-Seong Kim "Time Synchronization method of ISA 100.11a Network; Firefly Approach", The 14th Conference of Electronics & Information Communications CEIC 2012.
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Date : 2012-12-05
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Abstract: This paper presents an insect-inspired synchronization method for ISA industrial wireless networks. The proposed method is adapted from the synchronization method of insects, especially the male firefly from South-East Asian countries. The principle of pulse-couple oscillators is used for synchronously emitting the light flashes to attract their mating partners. For adapting the insect-inspired behavior, a self-stabilize firefly synchronization method (SFS) for ISA 100.11a network is proposed. The self-stabilize firefly synchronization method includes the decentralized time schedule to recover from the master failure. For this all slave nodes cooperate in a completely self-organized manner to achieve time synchronization. The proposed method achieves fault-tolerance during the recovery from the master failure and has robust synch-ronization against the interference. The simulation results show the proposed method that is efficient in terms of the end-to-end delay and the packet drop ratio.