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ֿ, 赿, "ǽð Ÿ  ", pp 242-243, 29ȸ κýȸ(ICROS) мȸ, May, 2014 (N1)
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Date : 2014-05-30
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This paper proposes an image compression scheme of real-time network system using Bezier Curve function. This scheme compared with the previous works, compressive sensing(CS). CS is a method which has small number of data sample. However it is not suitable to adapt real-time system because CS has high processing delay. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposed a scheme by using Bezier Curve to interpolate data between sampling points to decrease processing time. The simulation results show that image compression using Bezier curve has lower processing time than CS.

In his opinion, Bezier curve is only for control engineering system. He wonder about reason of using Bezier curve, and recommends research about another curves for image compression.