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임진용, 송경섭, 김동성 "함정 전투 시스템을 위한 메시지 지향 관리 및 분석 도구(MOMAT)의 클래스 구조 설계", 제29회 제어로봇시스템학회(ICROS) 학술대회, pp 238~239, May, 2014 (N1)
By : 관리자
Date : 2014-05-31
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  This paper proposes a novel class architecture of MOMAT(Message Oriented
Management and Analysis Tool), which is message management program for NCS(Naval Combat
System). Previous class architecture of MOMAT is not suitable for maintainability, because it
doesn't have that class was classified depends on functions and data types. In this reason, the
proposed architecture suggests class diagram considering functions and data types of MOMAT for
improving maintainability. It can be reduced workload of server through saving data from database
to flash memory of client and avoid data collision between client and database.

Q : Dose have any problem of security?

A : MOMAT is used only in Samsung Thales, so it doesn't have any problem of security. Because Samsung Thales already has policy for security.

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