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Nguyen Trong Tien, Dong-Seong Kim "Utilizing Location Information for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Adhoc Network", pp. 284-286, 2014⵵ ڰȸ߰мȸ, November, 2014 (N1&N2)
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Date : 2014-10-28
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This paper proposes a routing algorithm based on Zone Routing Protocol that utilize the location information to reduce routing overhead. In ZRP, each node maintains its zone routing table (Intra Zone Routing), if it has a route request in which destination not lies in its zone it will bordercast Inter Zone route request messages. By using location awareness about itself and destination node, source node can limits the route request bordercasting area, thereby reduce large amount of routing overhead of ZRP. The simulation results demonstrate our proposed protocol can significantly reduce the normalized routing overhead as well as average end to end delay.