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Pham Thi Minh Thu, Dong-Seong Kim "Zone Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks using Hill Building Behavior of Termite", pp. 287-289, 2014⵵ ڰȸ߰мȸ, November, 2014 (N1&N2)
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Date : 2014-10-28
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This paper proposes a new algorithm to determine radius of each node in Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) inspired from hill building behavior of termites. In real life, termites building their hill based on pheromone gradient. This characteristic is applied into the determination zone radius of each node in ZRP which lead to replacement of unbalanced radii to isotropic one. With more nodes in the direction has higher probability to become destination are stored in intrazone routing table, our proposed scheme targets to mitigating delay, and reducing control traffic overhead.