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임지철, Syamsul Rizal, 김동성, "실시간 시스템을 위한 신뢰성 기반의 Audio/Video 브리징 기법", 2015년도 한국통신학회 동계종합학술발표회, 하이원리조트, 21-23.Jan. 2015.(N1&N2)
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Date : 2015-01-05
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In Industrial application, network speed and respond in the system are important. Many researchers develop the system to robust industrial network. CAN Bus is one of protocol which is used in industrial application.

CAN Bus is developed for Industrial Automation System interest. CAN Bus designed to allow MCU(Micro-Control Unit) and other devices to communicate each other without host computer. Nowadays CAN Bus also be used as fieldbus in automation environment, due to CAN controller and processor low cost.

IEEE 802.1AS is the Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) standard that will specify to allow for transport of precise timing and synchronization in AVB network. Generally, Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) is used for automation application. In this thesis, AVB is used for industrial application. On aspect of this standardization effort is to adapt AVB stream reservation mechanisms to operate with industrial-standard fault tolerance. This thesis proposed the configuration mechanisms to achieve fault-tolerance in industrial network.

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