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Iyoga Don Frima Tarigan, Dong-Seong Kim, "VirtRSF: Comparative Evaluation of Virtual Clusters", CEIC, Daejon, 4. Dec. 2015. pp. 124-126
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Date : 2015-12-07
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This paper evaluates virtual clusters over redundancy and disaster recovery. Previous work just intended on redundancy by providing a number of virtual machines as a backup once failure occurred. In order to make the largest system such as supercomputing. Relying on redundancy system is not guaranteed machine alive once failures occurred. To overcome this problem, redundancy system is engaged with disaster recovery scheme (VirtRSF). VirtRSF adopts several approaches such as Redundancy, Synchronization, and Failover. In simulation results show VirtRSF improve performance (Down-Time, Failover, and Synchronization) system.