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Ahmed Nawaz Khan and Dong-Seong Kim, "Cooperative Relay Selection Scheme for IR-UWB Networks in Avionic System", 2016⵵ ѱȸ ϰмǥȸ, ICC,pp.190-191 , June 22-24, 2016(N1&N2)
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Date : 2016-06-07
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This paper proposed a cooperative relay selection scheme using Impulse Radio Ultra Wide Band (IR-UWB) for avionic networks on the basis of delay and Bit error rate (BER). Optimal relay node would be selected from a set of potential nodes for data transmission. IR-UWB is considered as the most suitable technology for avionic systems because avionic system requires low delay and high data rate.

Presentation of KICS Summer Conference 2016


Q.Is there any kind of previous work in this field?

A.There is some work for cooperative routing in IR-UWB network but there is not any work for which target system is avionic system in simulation. Some paper just compares different technologies for avionic networks but no one simulate the IR-UWB for avionic systems.

Weak point:

Lack of simulation results.

Future Work:

Considering PER and SNR of channel so that best path can be selected.


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