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차중혁, 김동성, "데이터 분산 서비스 인터페이스 기반의 실시간 미들웨어를 위한 오류 검출 기법(Error Detection Scheme based on Data Distribution Service Interface for Real-Time Middleware)", 2017년도 전자정보통신 학술대회, 호텔인터시티, pp. 57-60, 1. Dec, 2017 (N2&N4)
By : 관리자
Date : 2017-12-04
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In this paper, an error detection scheme is proposed for Data Distribution Service(DDS) middleware. In DDS middleware, unexpected errors can occur of Distributed Networked Control system(DCS) from multiple connected devices and equipments of DCS. The proposed scheme is constructed a node IP detection scheme, Topic information extraction scheme, and error status detection scheme of Topic, Datawriter and Datareater based on DDS interface. Simulation results show an availability of the proposed scheme in terms of node number of distributed system.

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