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, 赿, "û Ȩ Ʈũ ø̼ (Design and Implementation of mobile application based on home network for Hearing-impaired)", 2017⵵ мȸ, ȣͽƼ, pp. 122-125, 1. Dec, 2017
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Date : 2017-12-04
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This paper proposes a communication mobile application based on home network for the hearing-impaired. For design and implementation of the proposed system, providing TTS (Text-to-Speech) and STT (Speech-To-Text) in real time is considered. In detail, this application convert the sounds into characters by using Google Cloud Speech API. The sounds such as noise, door bell, name of user, voice, is recognized. Also proposed application is oriented home network service by detecting door bell and door control action. 

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