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장민희, 차중혁, 김동성, "산업용 장비의 기울기 측정 및 조절을 위한 어플리케이션 설계 및 구현(Application Design and Implementation for Inclination Measurement and Adjustment of Industrial Equipment)", 2017년도 전자정보통신 학술대회, 호텔인터시티, pp. 129-132, 1. Dec, 2017
By : 관리자
Date : 2017-12-04
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This paper proposes an Industrial Slope Detection and Adjustment(ISDA) for stable device. The proposed system measures and adjusts slope according to the measured values. In detail, ISDA is consist of smart phone, Arduino and PCAN. Smart phone measures slope by acceleration sensor. Arduino is connected with smart phone by bluetoooth and control the PCAN that adjust slope. Through this structure, This tool can install anywhere, portable, and save time for adjustment.

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