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Toha Hasnat, Asatilla Abdukhakimov, Dong Seong kim, "Power Profile Stabilization for Smart Grid Transmission Systems using STATCOM", The Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (IEIE 2018), November 23-24, 2018, Incheon, Korea, (A)(N8).
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Date : 2018-10-31
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This paper studies the shunt operation of the flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) controller. FACTS devices are mainly used for solving various power system steady state control problems such as voltage regulation, power flow control, and transfer capability enhancement. Static synchronous compensator  (STATCOM) is a shunt FACTS device, which can be deployed to regulate the flow of reactive power in the system independently. The study of STATCOM including phase angle control is carried out. In the smart grid transmission systems, STATCOM primarily handles fundamental reactive power exchange and provide voltage support. According to the results, operating maintenance and investment costs with STATCOM are lower than other systems while providing stable power supply to consumers.