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Nita Hidayati, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim, "Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11ac and IEEE 802.11ax in Ad Hoc Network", 2019 KICS Winter Conference, January 23-25, 2019, Yongpyeong, Korea(Pr)
By : Nita Hidayati
Date : 2019-01-02
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This paper performs a comparative study of comparison between a standard IEEE 802.11ac and IEEE 802.11ax WLAN. The IEEE 802.11ax is new protocol with support download-link / upload-link multi-user multi-input-multi-output (DL/UL MU MIMO), which is improve the WLAN performance. The objective of this study is to analyze throughput, where the parameter is Modulation and Coding Scheme, Bandwidth, and Guard Interval by using Network Simulator (NS3) as performance analysis simulator. According to the simulation shows that the throughput value of 802.11ax better than 802.11ac. 

Poster Presentation's Picture from KICS Winter Conference 2019