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Asatilla Abdukhakimov, Jae-Min Lee and Dong Seong Kim "Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Networks using ICT and Renewable Distributed Generation", KICS Winter Conference 2019, January 23-25, 2019, Yongpyeong, Korea, (A)
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Date : 2019-01-03
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This paper analyzes the reliability of distribution networks in the smart grid with the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) and renewable distributed generation (DG) units. A hybrid unit consisting of wind, solar, and biomass systems along with energy storage is proposed owing to their economic, technical and environmental benefits. Since ICT failures affect the reliability of distribution networks, ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) for the communication infrastructure is also proposed because of its ability to support stringent latency and reliability requirements of mission-critical applications. According to the results, more reliable and sustainable energy can be supplied to consumers with the integration of ICT and renewable DGs into the electrical power grid. 


Which method did you use for the reliability evaluation? What is its advantage? 


Analytical method was used to calculate reliability indices due to its low computational tim