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P. T. Daely, A. Abdukhakimov, J.-M. Lee, and D.-S. Kim, "Mobile Node Localization Using PSO with Exploitation of the Worst Particle", KICS Summer Conference 2019, pp. 220-221, Jeju, South Korea, June 19-21, 2019, (N2)
By : Philip TD
Date : 2019-03-29
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Metaheuristic algorithms have been used many times to localize wireless node for different objectives and situations. One of the oldest metaheuristic algorithms is Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). This algorithm was inspired by the flocking behavior of birds, with the purpose of solving optimization problems. The regular PSO updates its particles' velocity based on their personal best locations and global best location. In this paper, the exploitation of the particle with the worst location is also integrated into velocity updating process to improve the convergence of the whole population. This proposed algorithm is then used for mobile nodes localization using wireless radio properties. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can outperform the regular PSO in mobile node localization.

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