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Seung-pyo Ahn, "Feasibility Analysis of Wireless Networks for Aircraft System"
By : Ƚǥ
Date : 2016-08-26
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This paper discuss about apply of wireless network feasibility analysis for aircraft communication systems. The number of connected modules and data traffic have become dramatically increased because the structure of aircraft network is complicated. In addition, the astronomical amounts of money have been spend as fuel and maintenance cost have been increased due to the weight of the wires. In order to increase the flexibility and manageability of existing wired control network, "Fly-By-Wireless" concept of technology will be used in the fighter and aircraft. UWB, IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.15.3c can apply aircraft wireless networks.
However, current wireless communication technologies are susceptible to interference and EMI/EMC, and it does not meet the conditions for reliable and real-time communication that the aircraft network needs. UWB has strength for aircraft wireless networks. Such as High data ratio, Jamming and Interference, EMI/EMC. So, there are many study about UWB for apply in aircraft wireless networks.
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