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Sang-Hyun Hwang_Design and Implementation of Intelligent Helmet Mounted Display System(IHMDS) for Aircraft based on Pose Tracking Algorithm
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Date : 2017-07-17
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Abstract - This paper describes design and implementation of IHMDS(Intelligent Helmet Mounted Display System) which provides the following intelligent functionalities, convenient operational means by pre-programming the configuration, automatic correction of 3D terrain elevation error data by comparing extracted ridge lines, and accurate helmet pose tracking using adaptive complementary filter that detects the optimal accuracy condition of hybrid sensors. According to the recent trend of helmet display system, various functionalities that include 3D map display, IR(Infra-Red) display, hybrid helmet pose tracking, visor reflection type of binocular optical system, NVC(Night Vision Camera) display, and lightweight composite helmet were applied to this design. And also this paper propose a transmissive image emitting surface using diffraction optical element, refractive NVC having human interorbital width and air pockets for helmet fixation on head. After completing the prototype of system components, unit tests and system integration tests were performed to verify the functionalities and performance.
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