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Virtualization Environment Optimization Scheme for Naval Combat Systems
By : ȫ
Date : 2018-01-22
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In this paper, we propose virtualization environment optimization schemes using Live Migration for Naval combat systems. On all combat systems, there are lots of idle resources, because combat systems have to be ready for engagement. And When design virtualization cluster for Naval combat systems, Irregular load by multiple nodes cause performance degradation of servers. Also fault tolerance must be considered when design virtualization systems. Because when engagement situation, ship can lose some of node, NAS server, and network connections by enemys attack. To solve this problems, this paper proposes a virtualization system for a naval combat system. In addition, we propose a migration path selection method to prevent hosts from being overloaded by dividing them into types and patterns of virtual machines considering CPU resources, memory resources and network resources. The information of each host and virtual machine is collected periodically, and it is aimed to have fault tolerance in engagement through improvement of stability of cluster system in battle ship and prevention of falling of real-time using load balancing scheme.
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