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Choi Cheul-Jun, "Design and Implementation of Redundancy Scheme for Real-time Network of Naval Combat System"
By : 관리자
Date : 2018-06-26
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In this thesis, it has been confirmed that real-time network duplication performance is satisfied if a switch failure occurs by implementing loop prevention, unicast traffic redundancy and multicast traffic redundancy(Multicast Group Copy and IGMP Report Forced-forwarding) function. Test results showed that using commercial network equipment for securing the real-time performance of the Naval Combat System Network failed. In the case of a switch failure, while the re-election process of the querier in the network occurred, there was also a communication disconnection of more than one second. In the network that performs multicast communication, a communication disconnection of more than one second could not satisfy the performance for real-time network redundancy of Naval Combat System if there is the IGMP Process (Query - Report). When this redundancy technique is applied, it is confirmed that the real time network performance satisfies the average of 0.2 seconds in the network failure test.
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