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Seo Min-seung "Implementation of Naval Real-time Video Streaming System Using H.265/HEVC"
By : 漱
Date : 2018-06-28
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This paper propose a performance improvement measure for Naval real-time video signal processing system using H.265/HEVC. We compared H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC encoding time to confirm the video processing system using H.265/HEVC is satisfied the requirement of processing time. The coding time is measured for five images having different resolutions and screen change rates. The coding time difference of the two video compression method was measured at a maximum of 1ms or less(per frame). For comparison of compression performance, PSNR and SSIM were measured. Using the results, image compression performance was estimated and investigated. In consideration of improvement of encoding time and compression performance, we determined the possibility of improving the performance of Naval real-time video signal processing system using H.265/HEVC. We also grasp the improvement points of the existing system, propose a HW implementation proposal to improve this, construct a simulated environment for performance evaluation, the proposed scheme is tested and investigated in terms of delay time and CPU usage rate.
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