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Moon-Seog Kang, "Design and Implementation of Effective Monitoring platform for Combat System"
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Date : 2018-07-27
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Abstract - This paper proposes a design methodology for a system state management platform for effectively managing the state information of various complex equipments constituting a combat management system. The ultimate operational purpose of the combat ship is to maintain system availability in order to maintain the availability of engagement.
In order to maintain system availability, it is necessary to efficiently manage status information of the constituent equipments constituting the system. The system state management platform is designed to use DBMS and to provide method application software to use that information. The proposed design method provides information through PUSH and PULLS method according to the attributes of the message, and cumulatively manages the previous information as well as the current status.
Through simulation, performance was verified through performance analysis of the CRUD functions for the internal information processing of the proposed method, and it was confirmed that the network load can be reduced compared to the existing method.
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