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So-Hyang Jung , "Hybrid Task Offloading Scheme using UAV-aided Edge Server"
By : So-Hyang
Date : 2019-12-12
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This paper describe about the hybrid task offloading scheme which assist mobile devices to perform tasks using UAV-aided edge server. Using edge servers connected to base stations or UAV, ground/air offloading paths can be selected depending on the location and workload of mobile devices. The total execution time required to process tasks on a mobile device or edge server is calculated and expressed as a formula. If the mobile device satisfy deadline, it processes the task locally. If it is not, the task offloading is proceeded. This paper make the problem formulation for total execution time according to offloading path determination. To minimize problem formula associated with execution time, Discovery process & Optimized offloading path decision is proceeded. Based on the proposed algorithm, this paper try to minimize the total execution time by considering the data size of the task, the location of the mobile device. To evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, MATLAB program is used. In the simulation, the environment that operate mobile devices, UAV-aided edge server, and base station-based edge servers was created. Through this simulation, It is proven that the total execute time is lower when the proposed hybrid scheme is used.
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