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Si Wan Kim, "Relay UAV Recovery Scheme for high-reliability communication network"
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Date : 2020-01-30
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Abstract :
This dissertation paper proposes a data backup and coverage recovery technique for UAV defects used as communication repeaters. UAVs are deployed in battlefield situations and various mission environments to serve as communication base stations within a certain radius. The transit UAVs are connected by various communication nodes when they are responsible for a given area in a single and multiple form. When one or more relay UAVs fail, communication defects in a particular area occur. In this case, network recovery is performed efficiently to minimize communication failure time. In addition, backing up transit UAV data during network recovery operations is important for network recovery and various battlefield missions, enabling faster network recovery operations. The proposed technique is to deploy multiple transit UAVs and one or more backup UAVs. The backup UAV performs its mission by cruising within the communication range of the transit UAV for data backup of the relay UAV. If more than one transit UAV defect creates a communication gap in the coverage area, the optimal network recovery technique is proposed for temporarily restoring network coverage in the fault area by rearranging the backup UAVs currently in operation to the transit UAV location.
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