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Gyeong Seon Kim "Design and Implementation DDS Middleware for Next Generation Naval Combat System"
By : 漱
Date : 2020-01-31
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Naval combat systems are becoming increasingly complex in order to deal with sudden and emergency situations in real time. accordingly, the data computing environment of next generation naval combat system should be designed for high capacity computing. therefore, this paper analyzes whether the current naval combat system environment is suitable for the large-scale data computing required for the next generation. In addition, we propose naval edge computing for the next-generation naval combat system suitable for large-scale data computing. edge computing is a technique for computing real-time data generated by IoT devices at a physically close distance without going through the cloud and servers, reducing network load and optimizing data computing latency. In order to satisfy the requirements for applying the following edge computing to the naval battle system, DDS, the communication middleware platform of the naval battle system, was applied as the edge computing communication platform. The proposed naval's edge computing is compared with the existing ship combat system data computing environment. as a result, it showed improved performance in terms of computing latency compared to the techniques that have been studied to improve the data computing environment of the naval combat system. as the size of the data and the number of nodes increased, the computational and transmission latency of the existing ship combat system increased proportionally. on the other hand, the proposed next-generation DDS middleware based naval edge computing has improved performance in terms of computing and transmission latency. therefore, it is judged that the existing naval battle system does not meet the large data computing requirements of the next-generation naval battle system, and proposes edge computing for naval vessels to compute the massive data of the naval combat system subsystems.
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