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Ikechi Saviour Igboanusi, NFC Pure Wallet (PW): An Offline and Real-time Blockchain transaction Architecture
By : Saviour
Date : 2019-10-03
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Dr. Kim:
Based on the judgment of a panel of reviewers, the above manuscript submitted to IEEE Communications Magazine has been rejected for publication.

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Comments to the Author:
Thank you for your submission to IEEE Communications Magazine. Based on the reviewers recommendations, your paper is not accepted for publication in the magazine.

Reviewer: 1

Comments to the Author
The authors have presented NFC Pure Wallet (PW): An Offline and Real-time Blockchain
transaction Architecture which is of interest. However, there are some comments which need to be address before considering for its possible publication.

1) The paper is missing motivation for the work
2). Previous literature need to be critically analyzed
3) The evaluation part is missing. Is it guarantee that the proposed work will work or not.
4) What will be the complexity of the proposed algorithm.
5). Will the proposed algo works in the larger environment.
6) The article need to be extended upto 5500 words to have more information.
7) How to guarantee that when a sender is sending the money is legitimate or malicious.
8) If the token need to be sent, and there is no close communication range than what will happen at that time of moment
9) Figure 5 need to addressed upto 2019.....
10) Future work is not clear

Reviewer: 2

Comments to the Author
It is very insteresting discussion however, there are some improvement can be made on this paper, such as.

a) significant differences with other ewallet?
b) comparison study to claim the real-time blockchain is realtime.
c) perhaps to add other ewallet - and discuss more the existing ewallet.

Reviewer: 3

Comments to the Author
the words in figures are not clear enough especially figure 4.