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Node Localization Based on Wild Goats Algorithm for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network
By : Philip TD
Date : 2020-01-29
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Dear Authors (CC to Associate Editor, Reviewers),

Thank you very much for submitting manuscript No. TII-19-4256: "Node Localization Based on Wild Goats Algorithm for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network" to the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics as a Regular Paper submission.

The review process of your manuscript referenced above has been completed. Much to my regret, I have to inform you that in the opinion of the reviewers and Associate Editor in charge, the submitted manuscript is not suitable for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics.

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Reviewer: 1
Comments to the Author

In this paper, a node location scheme with Wild Goats Algorithm (WGA) is proposed to localize unknown node. The simulation results show that in comparison with other algorithms, the potential of proposed localization algorithm has better accuracy and requires slightly more time for computation. The topic is interesting but the following concerns should be addressed.
1. The innovation and contribution of this work are limited.
2. Introducing Wild Goats Algorithm (WGA) for range based wireless node localization in IWSN
is not contribution of this work.
3. Some parts such as both Abstract and Conclusion are redundantly phrased.
4. The reviewer didnt understand motivation of this work. What is motivation of this work?
5. What is 2D on Page 3?
6. The presentation quality of the manuscript needs to be improved.
7. There are too many grammatical errors, which makes this paper very difficult to read. For
example: 1) On Page 1, all known distances between the unknown node and beacon nodes are
assumed accurate. Accurate? 2) On Page 1, Work in [4] proposed... , Work in [5] used..., and Work in [6] applies. Tense should be consistent. 3) There is missing , in Eq.(16).

Reviewer: 2
Comments to the Author

The authors introduced Wild Goats Algorithm (WGA) for range-based wireless node localization in IWSN. And made the simulation to show the proposed scheme has better performances than the other optimization methods. However, there are some problems that need to be discussed.
1. WGA is just one kind of evolutionary algorithm, the authors should analyze why this method is better than others for range-based localization in terms of mechanism, rather than giving some simulation pictures.
2. The authors gave Fig4-Fig7 simulation results, what is the meaning expressed from Fig4(a-e)? What do you want to tell to the readers from these pictures? How did the authors get these simulation results? There is no any analysis under each simulation outputs. Why the WGA is better than all the other methods except the computation time?
3. If the authors gave a figure as Fig 3 to illustrate scenario 1, where is the figure to illustrate scenario 2?
4. There is no such a program pseudocode in Page 4 expressed with all written words. It will be no difference with the Flow chart.
5. If the authors illustrated the pseudocode, the illustrated flowchart is repetitive.
6. There is lack of reference paper of the compared method: ABC (Artificial Bee Colony).
7. What are the reasons to compare with ABC, CS, CSO, PSO? The authors should analyze all the characters of these methods including WGA.
8. What is innovation of this article? There is no any improvement for the traditional WGA.
9. There are too much introductions of common sense knowledge, such as:
The name originates from two words: meta and heuristic.Heuristic means to discover or find, in a hit and miss manner. Meta is a prefix to a noun, specifying something of a higherlevel than the original noun
The section of B. Distance Measurement Methods
10. There are more sentences with inappropriate grammar or expressions, such as: Low computation time is also important as in industrial environment there are many tasks need to be executed in time to maintain the timeliness in an industrial process.; The current ability of wireless technology industries to produce devices in almost all shape or size enables the application to be more targeted and efficient for any condition and environment.; in some cases, the initial system does not need to be modified.; using the distance between the unknown node and several beacon nodes, also the location of each beacon node.; Work in [4] proposed a modified version; Work in [5] used a modified version; Given an IWSN consisting of sensor nodes, some know their locations while the others do not know

Reviewer: 3
Comments to the Author

I have thoroughly read this paper many times with some implementation. I am an active researcher in this field and here are my few concerns.
1. The idea is totally based on weight. A lot of other techniques like the most famous WCL is also based on this mechanism. So, what is your own contribution
2. Noise, Rayleigh fading and the communication cost. nothing is taken into account in implementation of this idea.

AE Comments: Reject
Associate Editor
Comments to the Author:
Three reviewers have completed their review, and all three reviewers suggested that this paper does not satisfy the requirements of TII. Please address the comments and questions brought from the reviewers to revise the paper.