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Super-Resolution for CSI Reconstruction Based on Improved Autoencoder in Massive MIMO Communication System
By : heidy
Date : 2020-05-19
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Dear Prof. Jae-Min Lee,

I am writing to you in regards to manuscript # SPL-28276-2020 entitled "Super-Resolution for CSI Reconstruction Based on Improved Autoencoder in Massive MIMO Communication System", which you submitted to the IEEE Signal Processing Letters.
The submitted manuscript was reviewed by our editorial board to determine whether it meets the standards of this journal in terms of scope, presentation and technical depth. Please note that only the submissions which pass the preliminary review are scheduled for a full peer review. Regretfully, the review concluded that the paper is not suitable for publication in IEEE Signal Processing Letters due to poor quality of writing in English. This means that the prescreening found frequent grammatical mistakes and odd sentence constructions, which automatically exclude the paper from consideration.
Note that while this is the primary reason for the recommendation, the prescreening may have found other deficiencies.
Some specific comments from the editorial board members are below:


Overall this paper is poorly written and there are lots of grammatical and format issues. Please be aware that IEEE Signal Processing Letters is highly selective and our decision is binary. As a consequence, from the viewpoint of grammar and English usage, it is necessary for submissions to be publishable, or very nearly so, at the time of initial submission.

Some additional comments: This paper investigates a super-resolution technique to reconstruct the channel state information (CSI) based on an improved autoencoder in the massive MIMO communication system. In general, the contribution is not clear. It seems that this work simply combines the super-resolution and dropout techniques for the considered problem. In addition, the numerical results are not practical. Only 32 base station antennas are considered, which is small for a massive MIMO system.

Please note that according to IEEE Signal Processing Society policy 6.16 "Handling of Rejected Papers" (https://signalprocessingsociety.org/volunteers/policy-and-procedures-manual), the Society strongly discourages resubmission of rejected manuscripts more than once. Authors should carefully review the aforementioned policy before resubmitting their manuscript.

Thank you for considering the IEEE Signal Processing Letters for the publication of your research. I hope the outcome of this specific submission will not discourage you from the submission of future manuscripts.


Prof. Z. Jane Wang
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Signal Processing Letters