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Tung T. Le, G.-W. Lee, D.-S. Kim, "SEAZOR: A Robust Privacy-Preserving Secure Anonymous Zone Routing in Military Wireless Ad Hoc Networks", IEEE International Conference on ICEID, pp.1, Bali,Indonesia, 2013 (N1) (A)
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Date : 2015-07-17
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This paper proposes a robust privacy-preserving secure anonymous zone routing protocol for military tactical networks. Since much of works have been focused on secure anonymous communications in either reactive protocols or proactive protocols, no research has been dedicated to the secure anonymous hybrid routing protocol. In particular, we propose the hybrid routing location-centric communication paradigm that is suitable for privacy-preserving in routing under the hostile medium of the battlefield. The proposed protocol utilizes the features of zone routing protocol plus preserving privacy which can not only for routes optimization but also for privacy-preserving in secure end-to-end communications in order to prevent the tactical network from attackers. Furthermore, we show the ability of the proposed protocol for efficiently resistance from attackers and compare to the existent techniques to demonstrate the proposed protocol which is outperformed over the military wireless ad hoc networks.