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G.-S. Kim, D.-S. Kim, "Real-time Image Processing for Naval Combat System using H.265/HEVC Coding with Bezier Curve Image Reconstruction", Military Communication(Milcom), Norfolk, USA, 12-14, November, 2019(S)
By : G.-S. Kim
Date : 2019-07-12
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This paper describes the design and implementation of an enhanced H.265/HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding) based video processing for naval combat system. The H.265/HEVC encoding scheme has a higher compression rate than the existing H.264/AVC(Advanced Video Coding ) encoding scheme but has more encoding delay. To solve this problem, we reduced the amount of data from the original images through the Bezier Curve image reconstruction scheme. As a result, the proposed scheme showed improved performance in terms of the encoding delay time compared to the existing coding system used in the naval combat system.
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