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Made Adi Paramartha Putra, Dong-Seong Kim, and Jae-Min Lee, "Adaptive LRFU Replacement Policy for Named Data Network in Industrial IoT", IEEE Communications Letters, (R)
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Date : 2021-04-21
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In this paper, an adaptive least recently frequently used (LRFU) replacement policy is proposed for named data network (NDN) in the industrial internet of things (IIoT) environment. Low-latency network communication has become the main focus in IIoT development. By applying NDN architecture with the proposed replacement policy, the system is able to minimize network latency of IIoT due to the NDN router's capabilities to cache content. The simulation result shows that the proposed adaptive LRFU outperforms other popular replacement policies based on network latency, hit and miss ratio. In addition, future research trends regarding NDN replacement policy to achieve higher network performances are suggested.