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Estimating the Cardinality of a Mobile Peer-to-Peer Network
By : Tran Minh Phuong
Date : 2013-10-31
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Collecting information from mobile peer-to-peer

(P2P) networks has important civilian and military applications.

One problem is to determine the cardinality, i.e., the number

of nodes, in a large mobile system. In a stationary wireless

network, it can be trivially solved through a flooding-based

query. However, the problem becomes much more challenging for

mobile P2P networks whose topologies are constantly changing.

In this paper, we present two novel statistical methods, called the

circled random walk and the tokened random walk, to address

this interesting problem. The circled random walk is simpler to

implement and works well in networks of high mobility, whereas

the tokened random walk works well with high or low mobility.

These methods provide cardinality estimation by involving only a

small subset of the nodes. They make tradeoff between overhead

and estimation accuracy. The estimation error can be made

arbitrarily small at the expense of larger overhead.

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