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  • Tran Dang Hoa (PhD)
    Name Tran Dang Hoa (PhD)
    Research Area Control and Embedded Sys., Nano Sensor N
    Education PostDoc. / Research Professor, 
    @ICT-CRC & Networked Systems Laboratory, Kumoh National of 
    Technology (9.2017~present)

    Dotorant of CRAN (Centrer de Recherche en Automatique de 
    Nancy), University of Lorraine, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France. 

    M.S. Dept. of Control & Embedded System Eng., Kumoh National 
    Institute of Technology (9.2010~6.2012)

    B.S. Dept. of Electrical Electronic Engineering, Hanoi 
    University of Science and Technology (8.2010)
    e-mail hoa.tran-dang@univ-lorraine.fr
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  • Jae Woo Kim (PhD)
    Name Jae Woo Kim (PhD)
    Research Area Industrial IoT, Edge computing, Optical Transceiver, Embedded system
    Education PostDoc. / Research Professor,  
    @ICT-CRC, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea 
    (09.2018 - Present)

    ARTECH. Inc, Optical Communication R&D Lab, Assistant Manager
    (5, 2014 ~ 8, 2018)

    PhD. Dept. of Computer Engineering, Kumoh National
    Institute of Technology (~ 8.2013)
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  • Won Jae Ryu (PhD)
    Name Won Jae Ryu (PhD)
    Research Area Wireless communications, 5G, URLLC, Machine learning, Meta-heuristic optimization
    Education PostDoc. / Research Associate Professor,
    @ICT-CRC and Networked Systems Laboratory, Kumoh National of 
    Technology. (09.2020 - present).

    PhD, Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, 
    Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea. (09.2016 - 

    Bexel Corporation, R&D Lab, Senior researcher. (05.2014-08.2016)

    MS, Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, 
    Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea. (03.2012 - 

    BS, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, 
    Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea. (03.2005 - 
    Phone 054-478-6697
    cellular phone 010-2618-1904
    e-mail wj0828@kumoh.ac.kr
  • Williams Paul Nwadiugwu (PhD)
    Name Williams Paul Nwadiugwu (PhD)
    Research Area Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Wireless RF Communications, Avionics (UAV/MAV), Computer Vision.
    Education PostDoc. / Research Associate Professor,
    @ICT-CRC and Networked Systems Laboratory, Kumoh National of 
    Technology. (09.2020 - present).

    PhD, Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, 
    Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea. (09.2016 - 

    M.Sc.(IT), Dept. of Information Technology Engineering, 
    Jain University, India. (07.2013 - 06.2015)

    B.S., Dept. of Computer Applications & IT, 
    Bangalore University, India. (06.2010 - 05.2013)

    HND, Higher Diploma, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 
    Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria. (06.2006 - 09.2008).

    OND, National Diploma, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 
    Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria. (03.2003 - 03.2005).
    e-mail willia****wa@kumoh.ac.kr, willia****wa@gmail.com
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  • Xuan-Qui Pham (PhD)
    Name Xuan-Qui Pham (PhD)
    Research Area Distributed cloud, fog computing, multi-access edge computing, 5G/6G network resource allocation
    Education PostDoc./ Researcher,
    @ICT-CRC, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Gumi. (04.2021- 

    Post Doctoral Researcher, Kyung Hee University (04.2020-03.2021)

    PhD and M.S, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 
    Kyung Hee University, Korea (03.2014-02.2020)

    B.E., Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology  (09.2009 - 
    e-mail pxuanqui@gmail.com
  • Rubina Akter (PhD)
    Name Rubina Akter (PhD)
    Research Area Real-Time System, Industrial IoT, Blockchain
    Education PostDoc. / Researcher,
    @ICT-CRC and Networked Systems Laboratory, Kumoh National of 
    Technology. (03.2022 - present).

    PhD, Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, Kumoh 
    National Institute of Technology, SOUTH KOREA.(2019.03 - 2022.02)

    M.Sc. in institute of Information Technology, Jahangirnagar 
    University, Bangladesh (2014 - 2016)

    B.Sc. Dept. of Information and Communication Technology, 
    Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (2013)
    e-mail rubinaakter2836@gmail.com
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  • Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma (PhD)
    Name Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma (PhD)
    Research Area Reliability of Internet of Things (Industrial, Smart Factory and Smart Home) Using Machine Learning
    Education PostDoc. / Researcher,
    @ICT-CRC and Networked Systems Laboratory, Kumoh National of 
    Technology. (03.2022 - present).

    PhD, Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, Kumoh 
    National Institute of Technology, SOUTH KOREA.(2019.03.04 - 

    Lecturer 1, Dept. of Information Technology, Federal University 
    of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. (2009.04.20--2019.02.28)

    MBA, Dept. of Project Management, Federal University of 
    Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. (2016.02.25)

    MSc, Dept. of Information Technology, Federal University of 
     Technology, Nigeria. (2012.10.23).

    Senior Banking Assistant, First Bank of Nigeria PLC (2006.07.31-

    B.Eng, Dept. of Electrical/Electronic Engineering option in 
    Communication Engineering Technology, Federal University of 
    Technology Owerri, Nigeria. (2005.05.03).

    OND, National Diploma, Dept. of Electrical/Electronic 
    Engineering,  Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Nigeria. 
    Phone +821095941979
    cellular phone 2348038113290
    e-mail cosmas.ifeanyi@kumoh.ac.kr; ifeanyi.nwakanma@futo.edu.ng
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