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Part-time Researcher

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  • Seong Jae Park
    Name Seong Jae Park
    Education PhD. Candidate Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, Kumoh 
    National Institute of Technology (1.2015 - present)
    M.S. Dept. of Computer Engineering, Kumoh National
    Institute of Technology
    B.S. Dept. of Computer Engineering, Kumoh National
    Institute of Technology
    cellular phone 010-4772-1516
    e-mail freetouch87@gmail.com
  • Dong-Ick Oh (A-ZoneTech)
    Name Dong-Ick Oh (A-ZoneTech)
    Education Ph.D. Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, Kumoh National 
    Institute of Technology, Gumi, South Korea (3.2016 - Present)

    M.S. Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, Pukyong 
    National University, Busan, South Korea (3.1997 - 2.1999)

    B.S. Information and Communication Engineering, Pukyong 
    National University, Busan, South Korea (3.1993 - 2.1997)
    cellular phone 010-8587-2636
    e-mail dongick.oh@a-zonetech.com
  • Seong-Cheol Heo (Samsung Heavy Industries)
    Name Seong-Cheol Heo (Samsung Heavy Industries)
    Education M.S/Ph.D Integrated course Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Kumoh 
    National Institute of Technology, Gumi, South Korea (3.2016 - 

    B.S. School of Electronic Engineering, Kyungpook National 
    University, Daegu, South Korea (3.1986 - 2.1990)
    cellular phone 010-6528-1379
    e-mail schurpm@gmail.com
  • Yeong-Ju Sin (Azin Information and Communication)
    Name Yeong-Ju Sin (Azin Information and Communication)
    Education M.S. Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Kumoh National
    Institute of Technology, (3.2016 - Present)

    B.S. Computer Engineering, Kyungil University, Kyunsan, South 
    Korea, (3.1993 - 2.1997)
    cellular phone 010-8411-2220
    e-mail sky@ajin.biz
  • Seong Min Lee
    Name Seong Min Lee
    Education CEO of ARtech, ARtech, Gumi, South Korea (~ 06.2018)

    PhD. Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Kumoh National 
    Institute of Technology, Gumi, South Korea ( 03.2018 - present)
    e-mail sungmin.lee@artech200.com
  • Name Yeong-Ju Shin (Hanwha-Systems)
    Education M.S. Dept. of Military IT System Engineering, Kumoh National 
    Institute of Technology(03.2017 ~ present)
  • Yeong-Jin Kim (Hanwha-Systems)
    Name Yeong-Jin Kim (Hanwha-Systems)
    Education Marine PE team. Hanwha Systems, Gumi, South Korea.( ~ present)

    M.S. Dept. of Military IT System Engineering, Kumoh National 
    Institute of Technology(03.2016 ~ present)
    cellular phone 010-5055-5180
    e-mail yj02.kim@hanwha.com