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Cooperative Communication with Joint Optimization of Cluster size and Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks
By : Tran Nhon
Date : 2013-11-21
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Abstract-Cluster-based wireless sensor network is considered
in this paper. In wireless sensor network, every node wants to
send data to a certain gateway node, or command node in case
of military sensor network. Cluster-based communication enables
effective power control, while the power budget of wireless sensor
nodes is limited. In the conventional clustering algorithm, there is
the cluster header node which has comparatively large capacity.
However, in most cases, every node has the same power budget
and all nodes behave symmetrically. It is necessary to design
cluster based on this equivalent node condition. In this paper, we
design optimal cluster size based on the outage probability under
Rayleigh fading channel. A node who wants to send data to the
gateway node adaptively constructs a cluster based on joint power
minimization problem of cluster size and resource allocation.
After making the cluster, the header node can cooperatively send
packets with the member nodes of its cluster. This optimized
cluster design shows outstanding power reduction compared to
conventional clustering algorithm in which cluster header node
directly transmits to the gateway node.

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