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Pure Wallet Code
By : Saviour
Date : 2020-09-03
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I. S. Igboanusi, K. P. Dirgantoro, J.-M Lee, and D.-S Kim, \textquotedblleft{Pure Wallet Code, Networked Systems Lab, posted 03.09.2020, accessed 03.09.2020,} \textquotedblright \emph{\url{http://nsl.kumoh.ac.kr/include/sub.php?m=134\&mode=Read\&serial\_no=202009030001\&com\_id=bi0001\&menu\_cd=30\&class\_cd=106\&Page\_Num=\&left=\&item=\&find=\&m=134}}

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This article proposes an electronic payment architecture named Pure Wallet (PW), which extends the concept of blockchain cryptocurrency for real-time and offline transaction. For easy comprehension, the process is divided into three stages. The first stage in this process requires the use of Internet connection, to convert cryptocurrency into a token. Then offline transactions are performed between electronic devices like mobile phones through a secure Near Field Communication (NFC) using the token in senders device. The financial value in form of a token is encrypted by the sender and sent with a key for decoding the value at the receiver's device via NFC. The receiver converts the received token into cryptocurrency in the presence of Internet connection. The major idea is to propose an electronic payment architecture utilizing cryptocurrency, which will enable financial transactions without instant connection to the Internet. Hence will be equivalent to cash transaction. Ethereum blockchain is used in this paper implementation. Using the smart contract feature, an instruction that allows for depositing and withdrawal of value (currency) is applied.
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