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Kevin Putra Dirgantoro's Portfolio.
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Date : 2020-09-11
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Kevin's Portfolio:

1. Conferences

- A Comparative Study of Cepstral Analysis and MFCC for Speech Steganalysis. (P)

- Private Ethereum Blockchain for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 2019. (P)

- None Difficulty Proof-of-Work Blockchain Algorithm for Industrial IoT, 2019. (P)

- Generative Adversarial Networks Based on Edge Computing With Blockchain Architecture for Security System, 2020. (P)

2. Journal

- Dual Fieldbus Industrial IoT Networks using Edge Server Architecture, 2020. (P)

- BoM Blockchain over MMS Communication for Secure IIoT using 1D CNN, 2020. (R)

- Secure M2M Communication of Industrial IoT using Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) with Blockchain, 2020. (R)

3. Projects

- MMS for Linux
- 3D Printing

4. Thesis

- Blockchain over MMS (BoM) for Secure IIoT.

PS: each folder consists of PDF, latex, and sourcecodes.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XkrK7SfhvAMcuAuxGr6mATtbVX66JB8_/view?usp=sharing