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By : Ƚǥ
Date : 2018-01-15
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W-MERCI was developed for prevent damage of wildlife animals and natural environment from anthropogenic factors. Nowadays wildlife animals are in danger of extinction and losing its natural habitat by human. To solve the problem we suggest the solution by technology.

To share information of wildlife incidents and assessments for wild animals.

W-MERCI(IoT-based Mobile Command Interface for Wildlife Emergency Response)

 - Smart wildlife incident collection and analysis platform using cloud server for researchers tourists, and local people

 - Wildlife protection through linkage with animal tracking devices

User interface

 - Information such as Map location, name, description, assessments, videos and image, can be uploaded using any internet enabled device.

CMS(Content Management System)

 - Providing information (W-MERCI users, incidents, assessments and wildlife tracking) using a concise interface

 - Easy recognition and response through the information display on the map

 - Providing video and image information of incidents

You can get the file at this Link  https://github.com/ckwndgur/W-MERCI_Project 

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