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Internet of Vehicles: Architecture, Protocols, and Security
By : ÿ
Date : 2018-07-06
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Abstract—Today, vehicles are increasingly being connected to the
Internet of Things which enable them to provide ubiquitous
access to information to drivers and passengers while on the
move. However, as the number of connected vehicles keeps
increasing, new requirements (such as seamless, secure, robust,
scalable information exchange among vehicles, humans and
roadside infrastructures) of vehicular networks are emerging. In
this context, the original concept of Vehicular Ad-hoc networks
(VANETs) is being transformed into a new concept called the
Internet of Vehicles (IoV). We discuss the benefits of IoV along
with recent industry standards developed to promote its
implementation. We further present recently proposed
communication protocols to enable the seamless integration and
operation of the IoV. Finally, we present future research
directions of IoV that require further consideration from the
vehicular research community.
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