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Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Algorithms for Industrial Cognitive Radio Networks
By : sanjay
Date : 2018-07-19
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Irregular spectrum usage and spectrum scarcity in emergency situations is a common problem in industrial wireless networks. To enhance the dynamic spectrum usage, Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) is introduced in various automotive industrial wireless applications named as Industrial Cognitive Radio Network (ICRN). However, establishing the control channel by using channel hopping mechanism in ICRN is a challenging problem. In order to achieve reliable performance in ICRN, efficient channel hopping protocols need to be designed. In this paper, two channel hopping protocols are designed for the ICRN with or without the global clock synchronization to maximize the degree of rendezvous within the shortest time, minimize the Inter Rendezvous Intervals (IRI) and to reduce the Maximum Time To Rendezvous (MTTR) by two Secondary Users (SUs). Performance evaluation of our protocols outperform in terms of throughput, percentage of rendezvous and Average Time To Rendezvous (ATTR) over existing Cognitive Radio Network protocols.
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