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Error_Detection_Scheme_of_DDS_Middleware_for_Naval_Combat_System(introduction part)
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Date : 2017-11-07
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Abstract—This paper proposes a scheme to detect middleware errors in Data Distribution Service (DDS) in a naval combat system. Naval combat systems include various devices such as monitoring tools and search radars based on DDS. Because of this construct , these radars are unable to handle communication problems rapidly enough, especially when they occur in wartime situation. In order to quickly handle these set of problems, this study aims at detecting them in real time using an interface of DDS layers. The reliability and robustness of the existing DDS have been previously studied, but research on error detection is insufficient. While the reliability and robustness of middleware are important DDS attributes to look for in a naval combat system, it is also important to deal with errors in order to cope with various exhibition situations. In this paper, we propose a method for immediately detecting errors after a problem occurs by using the DDS layer. After various simulations, we can confirm that the proposed error detection technique finds errors in real time and data for resolving the error can be efficiently provided, thereby improving the recovery performance of the battle combat system.