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VLC-UWB Hybrid (VUH) Network for Indoor Industrial Robots at Military Logistic Centers
By : Saviour
Date : 2019-12-28
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Achieving high data transmission rate, energy efficiency and secure connectivity is the demand of many network applications including Military warehouses and distribution centers. To achieve these I propose VLC-UWB hybrid (VUH) network technology which utilizes Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) for up-link and down-link and visible Light Communication (VLC) for down-link only. VLC facilitates the great advantage of being able to jointly perform illumination and communication at little extra energy. On the other hand UWB is a low power network technology that operates between 57 - 71 GHz, utilizing about 1mW for signal transmission. This Thesis considered the channel model, transmission model, Warehouse Geometry and algorithm process to minimize security threat and acknowledgment delay. The simulation in this work shows the properties of this hybrid network. The capacity of VUH network technologies to achieve secure connection and high data rate with minimal energy consumption, within a military warehouse environment is ascertained.
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